serious stuff

You might want to make yourself a cup of tea if your seriously considering reading all of this.

like seriously, there is a lot to read down there. i did warn you


Like most artists, I draw for many reasons.
Drawing is something I enjoy and do best independently. Finding a beautiful image or having an idea and being able to sit down, pick up my pencils, put on some music and just do it is nourishment for my mind and soul. It’s a physically and mentally satisfying process. Over the years I’ve naturally become more patient as it’s honestly one the most important factors in bettering yourself and what you do. I used to start and finish a drawing all in the same day because I was so excited and impatient about the process but I’d never understand why I wasn’t happy with what I did, even if others said it was good. I learnt that if I want a drawing to be realistic like the image I’m drawing then I have to accept it takes a long time, and once I started to take my time and notice the difference it opened a whole new area of satisfaction. Another reason I draw is because over the months/years I’d be drawing consistently, I’d be making noticeable progress. Hearing people say “did you really draw that?” or “I thought that was a photograph” is rewarding because that’s generally the goal for my style of drawing.

I’ve always been fascinated with the fact a human being can use specific tools, their mind and bare hands and turn a blank canvas into something beautiful. I remember when I first saw photo-realistic drawings and refused to believe they were created just by using pencils, paints or charcoals, I was sure it must’ve been a photograph or at least digitally enhanced. I remember the enriching feeling it gave me and telling myself if I could ever make other people react like that and be this fascinated when seeing my work then I’d be the happiest guy in the world. It’s partly the reason I still draw till this day, knowing that other people do feel this way. People often reach out to tell me they’ve been inspired by what I do or that they’d love to own something I’d drawn. I always remember being told at school that I’d never amount to anything because I wasn’t good at common things like everyone else and I never pay attention. So you can imagine now that I’m aware I’ve focused on the one thing I love and have become good at it, I’ve proved those people wrong. That’s satisfying.

The people from school who never believed in me or had any interest in my art seem to have changed their views on me now that I’m good at something. That’s also satisfying. Not that I desired the attention or approval of everyone, just the fact that by simply drawing I changed the minds and inspired the people who may have never even liked me as a person. The reasons I draw are endless and the list grows all the time.

Another reason I draw is that it opens doors and creates opportunities to travel and meet new people. In the last few years I’ve met certain people who inspired me to focus on my drawing in the first place and in the same few years I’ve also been told by people that I’m the reason that they began to focus and draw more. Ultimately, knowing that if I make the right moves with my drawings and the right people, I’ll be able to draw and live comfortably for the rest of my life, doing what I love. And knowing I can inspire other people to do the same thing makes me feel like my life has purpose and that this is what I was born to do, that’s why i draw.

A quick break

Please feel free to take 5 minutes to breathe and gather your thoughts. I know you may be thinking “damn this guy sure talks a load of shit” but some of this shit may benefit you somewhere along your journey. I only spent like 4 days writing all of this because i care and I wanna help some lost lil souls. 


Many of my methods to drawing have simply come from trial and error over the years. I’ve tried a lot of things other people do and have gradually adapted to create my own method when it comes to creating my drawings. I’ve tried to explain verbally but it’s best explained and demonstrated personally at a workshop or online tutorial for example. But as always I’m forever looking for better and more efficient techniques to get the results I want. Experiences with other artists, workshops and online tutorials can only help so much. I knew early on that I was the only one who could pick up those pencils for me and improve.

A wise method I can recommend is simply getting to know your tools. Experiment with them for hours and hours, try to understand the precise nature of them, test them to their limits, find out what colors and mediums go well together to create the best results. Trust yourself and do everything your own way. At the end of the day, everyone’s brain works differently, we all have different mannerisms and ways we like to work.

It takes time to gather methods and create your own way of doing things so just be patient and open minded to trying new things. Another important method is self-criticism and being able to take criticism from others. If you cant see flaws and understand how you made them or why they’re there then it won’t be easy for you to improve. Part of my method is creating checkpoints throughout the piece where I’ll step back and analyse the drawing from different angles to look for an alter flaws. I’ll often walk away from the drawing for an hour or two then come back with a fresh mind and be able find flaws easier and perfect that chapter before moving on. I’ll then have a full run through of everything when I’m done and fix anything that needs it. Unfortunately like most artists it won’t be until after a month or two when looking at the drawing again that I could’ve done a better job on the nose or the hair or something and knowing it’s too late to go back into it. But that’s the beauty of being able to work harder on your next drawing and try your best to make sure you don’t feel that way again. We all know you will feel that way again but it’s an effective method. Anyway, I could talk crap all day but the best method I swear by is Practice, Patience & Persistence. Draw until your heart’s content, be patient and don’t go crazy if you mess up and most importantly, learn from your mistakes and keep going. I can guarantee improvement.

My Message

I just want to spread a positive message to all people who are stuck and feel it’s too late to thrive at doing their thing. I want to be living proof that it’s possible to wing it in this world, as long you keep on going. I aim to change the way people look at art in this day and age. As many of the greats did, i will explore and experiment down many artistic avenues and give the world hundreds of reasons to remember my name. Slowly but surely making the world a little bit better than it was when i came here. It may sound intense coming from me but I will be something. I will be the artist that they teach future generations about in art schools. And if that doesn’t happen then i’ll sure as hell try.

So if you’re still reading and you too have a passion for something deep inside you, something that is on your mind every single day and night, harness that passion and make it your life. Stop at nothing to do what you love every day and stop telling yourself it’s not possible. Even if reading this makes you feel uncomfortable then it’s clearly because you’re not ready to work for the life you dream of. Go get it ya lil powerhouse!!

Well, believe it or not, that’s everything i have to say on the matter. I know most of you are probably thinking “jesus christ he’s still talking” or you’re asleep but to those of you who enjoyed reading and value my efforts, thank you and i hope we can grow together and live the life we all deserve.