Charm A2


Limited Edition Print of 100. Artwork size: 59.5 x 42cm. Price: €200.00 (euro). Printed on matt finish acid free paper. Hand signed and numbered by Jack Ede.

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This piece was added to the collection due to my curiosity of how difficult it would be to draw a beard like that.. answer is, pretty damn difficult. But beards aside, the thing i love the most about this piece was his piercing blue eyes. I tried my best to recreate the same gaze he has in the original photo by Joel. There’s something about them that makes it so hard to look away and i love that about him. I also find the colour of his eyes are really complimented by the face paint applied to his forehead (also very fun to draw).

Overall i find this piece very aesthetically pleasing because of the composition of it all and the pleasing colour palette. I hope you all feel the same.

The piece took me roughly 75 hours to complete over a 2 month period.

Original photo by Joel Santos.