Enigma A0 LARGE


Limited Edition Print of 10. Original artwork size: 55 x 72cm. Print size: approx 84 x 119cm. Price: €700.00 (euro). Printed on 180g matt finish acid free paper. Hand signed and numbered by Jack Ede. Price includes worldwide shipping.

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This image gets me every time. I don’t even think i have to explain why it’s so beautiful to me (but i will anyway). From the wrinkles on her face to the way she decorates herself is beyond fascinating. They always say the wrinkles on your face tell a story of a your life and with her i liked to believe she has a million stories to tell. Those alone i just think are beautiful, the way they all connect and sculpt her face into an older and wiser version of herself. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of studying and drawing aged skin and trying my best to recreate the texture and structure as accurately as possible.

As for the beautiful jewellery and clothing she dresses herself in, the colours and patterns on them just compliment each other so perfectly and i’ll forever be in love with that. I can’t even begin to express the amount of fun i had drawing it all, (ok maybe there was a little frustration down the road but come on she has like a thousand tiny beads hanging from her ears alone) but nevertheless, I’m happy i remained patient and was able to recreate them all the best i could.

Last but not least, those sunglasses.. damn. I mean the glasses themselves are lovely, but what they hold within them was the decider for me. Never in my life had i seen a reflection so intricate and full of life. Just the thought of having to draw everything inside scared me a little. Anyway, i’ll stop boring you now. The drawing took me approximately 410 hours to complete over a 6 month period, making it by far the longest i’ve ever worked on one single drawing. I hope it was all worth it and you enjoy it as much as i do.

Original image by Karen Walker.

***ALSO, very proud to say this original drawing was sold to a lovely woman from London named Natalie Cannon. I felt her beautiful soul was the perfect match for this piece and I’m very pleased to say she’s the new owner. The drawing now hangs in her home where it’ll be living and appreciated every day, just as intended.